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Specializing in dances from the Jazz Era (20s-40s), Ashley is here to make your moment memorable.



Ashley has been teaching swing dance since 2016. She has taught thousands of beginners at over 50 public and private events. As the co-founder of Vintage Swing Movement (VSM) Joplin, she knows the value of bringing an ultra-simple form of dance to all people so it can cultivate community within a group.


Ashley has performed at events such as the Joplin Chamber of Commerce Gala, and the Joplin Arts Fest as a featured entertainer. She specializes in dancing 1920s Charleston, emanating the effervescent energy of the flappers of the time! She also is able to improvise dance alongside live jazz bands, collaborating with local bands such as Jump Company and JOMO Jazz.


Ashley has been choreographing since 2010. What began with Colorguard and Showchoir, developed into gala performances, dance competitions, and full-fledged musicals (including Elf and Holiday Inn). She has a knack for visualizing a song and bringing that vision to life. If you have an idea for an exceptional performance, contact Ashley below!